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• Black Teas •

Whittard Christmas Tea in a Kate Spade teacup and saucer.

From London, United Kingdom









Smith Tea Maker Lord Bergamot No. 55 in a teacup/saucer made in Germany in the 50s and we found in a flea market in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2017

From Sri Lanka by way of Portland, Oregon, United States of America









Simple Loose Leaf Simple Sage Tea in a Flea Market find

From India









Astaraçay Azeri Çay from Azerbaijan in a hand-painted Azerbaijani Armudu teacup

From Baku, Azerbaijan









Dilmah Ceylon English Afternoon Tea in a Flea Market find

From Sri Lanka by way of Dubai, United Arab Emirates









Arabian Nights Cardamom Tea in a Flea Market find

From India by way of Dubai, United Arab Emirates









The Bombay Store Chaitime Railway Platform Chai in an Ikea tumbler

From India









Brooke Bond Red Label in Kate Spade teacups/saucers

From India









Ghograjan Tea Estate Vintage Earl Grey in a tea-for-1 set hand painted by a friend

From Assam, India









Dunkeld Tea Estate Black Ceylon Tea in a Noritake teacup from Colombo, Sri Lanka

From Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka









Simple Loose Leaf Summer Nights in a Tea-for-1 set

From India









Rustea Co. Blackberry and Raspberry Tea in a teacup from Moscow, Russia

From Moscow, Russia









Simple Loose Leaf Simple Raspberry Black Tea in a Kate Spade teacup/saucer

From India and California, United States or America









Twinings Loose Leaf Lady Grey

From London, United Kingdom









Smith Teamaker “Kandy”

From Kandy, Sri Lanka by way of Portland, Oregon, United States of America









Simple Loose Leaf Simple Black Apricot Tea

From India









TWG Tea Official French Earl Grey in a Flea Market find

From Singapore, Singapore










• White Teas •

London Tea Exchange Royal Collection Premium White Tea in a Flea Market find

From China by way of London, United Kingdom










• Fruity, Floral and Herbal Teas •

Balance Grow Honey, Citron and Ginger Tea

From United States of America