adverb: in, at, or to some other place or other places. For instance: “she is seeking dinner inspiration elsewhere”
pronoun: some other place. For instance: “all Avocados originally came from elsewhere”

Elsewhere…the place where the mind goes from time to time. To his space is dedicated to travel and wanderlust inspired writing and photography.

When I’m not hopping on a step ladder to take pictures of the food I cook for Zezoo Cooks, I’m usually hopping on a plane (or at least plotting to hop on a plane) to go and see something new, experience something new, and most importantly, eat something new! And then when I come back home, I get back to cooking and hopping on step ladders again, so I can write about my experiences in an attempt to get people excited to visit someplace new!

Black Swan Journeys

The good folks at Black Swan Journeys have been kind enough to let me ramble on [mostly about Potatoes] under the pretext of talking about the Portuguese and their impact on world cuisine, and other heavy, complicated topics. Here’s what I’ve written so far – I hope it tickles both: your wanderlust and your tastebuds!

  • The time we lived in a Victorian Bungalow in a Tea Plantation in Sri Lanka: The picture is spectacular but still doesn’t do justice to this heavenly place!
    (read article)

    Breakfast View at the Ceylon Tea Trails Bungalow, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
  • The time I realized that Portuguese has been quite generous with their language and food, especially with Goa, India: This article is about how the Portuguese have influenced global cuisine, with a focus on Goa. The Chorizo Pao I made few weeks ago was part of the [delicious] “research” for this article!
    (read article)

    Portuguese-influenced Stained Glass Ceilings in Goa, India
  • The time I decided to be a mixologist and invented a new cocktail to honor Mr. Obama, and set myself and my friends up for delicious, exotic cocktails for the upcoming summer: In this article, I talk about native alcoholic beverages in the countries I recently visited, and mix up some nap-inducing goodness! The cocktail recipes will come to the blog very soon, with the right food pairings.
    (read article)

    A Brazilian Caipirinha, made with Cachaça, Limes and Sugar

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