For Young Chefs

It started with a simple baking class over the holidays to gather my girlfriends and their kiddos around virtually, and bake some Nutella Chocolate Chunk Cookies and some White Hot Chocolate. And it was really, really fun! Since then I’ve hosted 1 Virtual Birthday Baking Party (in which some really cool 8 year olds made some yummy Kheer and a fancy Corn and Cheese Galette with me), and I have a few more events in the works!

Please watch this space for upcoming events and offerings for baking/cooking classes for kids!

If you are interested in putting together any of the following, please Contact Me and we can make it happen!

  • 1-1 Baking and/or Cooking class for kids (all ages) (virtual only)
  • Group Baking and/or Cooking Class for kids (all ages) (virtual only)
  • Birthday Party/Celebration Baking and/or Cooking class for kids (all ages) (virtual only)

Here are some of the recipes that are easy and fun for kids to make (with adult supervision, of course) – I’ll be adding many more to this list soon!

Past Events

Tanya’s Birthday Party (10 8-year-olds; recipes: Kheer, Corn and Cheese Galette)

Tanya really wanted to make Kheer – a sweet and creamy pudding from India, and her absolute favorite – to introduce all her friends to something new that they had never tried before! So we came up with a quick and easy Kheer recipe that can be made in about 10 minutes! And we paired with a sweet and cheesy puff pastry galette, that can be assembled in the time it takes to preheat the oven!

Holiday Baking Class (12 kids ages 5-10; recipes: Nutella Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Hot Chocolate)

Hard to go wrong with Nutella when it comes to the holidays, or otherwise! These one-bowl, gluten-free cookies are really difficult to share, for mommies and kids alike, and it doesn’t help that they are dangerously easy to bake whenever the mood strikes.