Poach if you must…

But you need not.

If the sight of a runny egg yolk makes you feel weird, I’m sorry but the rest of this post is going to be about how to get the runny perfection which is oh-so-decadent, like the perfect dipping sauce for the…sorry. Yeah, so if you aren’t a fan, I apologize.

Because look at this! At some point I did teach myself to poach eggs (I wasted almost a dozen eggs trying to get it right) but thanks to Smitten Kitchen and the “5 1/2 minute egg”, I can dip my buttered toast into this luxurious egg yolk without making a big mess in the kitchen!


It couldn’t be simpler to make: bring a small pot of water to boil. Once the water reaches a steady boil, place the egg in the water for exactly 5 1/2 minutes (for above level of runni-ness). If you like it slightly more set but still a bit runny, go with 6 minutes. Take the egg out, run it under cold water for a minute and once its cooled enough to handle, gently peel the egg. You should get this perfect soft egg that you can smash with a fork or a piece of toast, set it in a nice breakfast wrap, or a burrito, or top a potato-pepper hash with it (all recipes/pictures coming your way soon!). In the “creamed spinach” version shown above, I’ve set the egg on top of buttered toast and garlicky creamed greens.

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