Tiranga (Indian Tricolor) Mini Dosa

When you think about cooking and food as much as I do, anything that’s plain starts to look like a canvas. The Dosa (a fermented rice and lentil crepe from South India) with its mild, slightly tangy taste lends itself well to being a canvas on which other colors and flavors can shine. So, going with my tricolor (Tiranga, the Indian flag) theme, something I usually do every year on India’s Republic Day (January 26th) and Independence Day (August 15), I picked Dosa and used carrot pureé for the orange and spinach pureé for the green! Super easy and fun twist on regular Dosa (and even Idli) to celebrate my motherland!

In the past I’ve done this with Idlis and Dhokla (detailed recipe is already on the blog), and it was delicious! The carrot in particular tastes really good.

We usually make Idli and Dosa batter at home, but this works just fine with store bought Idli/Dosa batter as well. To make the carrot pureé, peel and cut the carrot into big chunks and blanch them (cook them in boiling water until fork tender, then drain and immediately wash with cold tap water to stop the cooking in order to retain the color). Pureé in the food processor until completely smooth. Similarly, blanch the spinach leaves and tender stems and pureé until smooth in a food processor.

After that, unleash your inner Picasso and make your Dosa art by mixing the pureé into the plain Dosa batter.

Make Dosas the way you usually do. This time around I made slightly thick mini Dosas in my mini pancake pan, but full-sized Dosas come out really well too!

Serve with the regular Dosa accompaniments, such as Sambhar (vegetable lentil stew), coconut chutney, Potato Subzi and Dry Chutney (lovingly and accurately called Gun Powder).

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